New Jersey Gas Rationing Begins

Email from a friend, regarding the rationing of gas in New Jersey:

“For those not receiving Chatham Patch updates, here’s what just went out:

Gas Rationing Begins Saturday In 12 Counties

License plates ending in an odd number can get gas on odd numbered days,
while plates ending in an even number can get gas on even numbered days.

A system of gas dispensation is to begin Saturday, Nov. 3 to combat long
lines at the pump in 12 counties throughout the state.

According to a release from the Governor’s Office, citizens of the following
counties are now limited on the days in which they can fill up their gas
tanks, as per the state Office of Emergency Management: Bergen, Essex,
Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Monmouth, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex,
Union, and Warren.

According to the state, plates ending in an even number can fill up on even
numbered days of the month, while plates ending in an odd number can fill up
on odd numbered days of the month.

The number to look for is the final numerical digit contained in the plate
number, whether it is the final character on the plate or not, according to
the governor’s office.

So, for example, a theoretical plate number of “MVM 48Q” would have “8” as
its final numerical digit, and would be permitted to fill up on an even day.

Specialized or vanity plates, those not displaying any numbers, will be
considered odd numbered plates, the release said.

“Only in cases where there are no numbers and only letters is the plate
counted as an odd number,” said Kevin Roberts of Gov. Chris Christie’s press
office in an email to Patch.

This system does not apply to gas cans, such as those for generators, at
this time, according to a spokesman from the governor’s office.

This system is to begin at noon, Saturday, Nov. 3.

This dispensation system will remain in effect as long as the limited states
of energy emergency declared by the state in those counties, the release

“With the challenges we face in the storm’s aftermath, we will be vigilant
in enforcing this odd-even system, as we ease the stresses on the system,”
said Attorney General Jeffery S. Chiesa, in a prepared statement. “I
encourage all New Jerseyans to abide by this system – motorists and retail
dealers alike – to ease wait times and improve access for everyone. Those
who choose to disregard this order will be prosecuted to the fullest extent
permitted under the Governor’s state of emergency authority.””

Good luck to all,


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