Negative Alpha

If I told you that I saw the license plate: +ALPHA on a 7-series BMW in Chappaqua, you probably wouldn’t be surprised.  I was somewhat taken aback, though, when I saw the vanity plate: -ALPHA (yes, we have +’s and -‘s) on a circa-2001 Subaru Impreza today in Concord.
Either this guy got the greatest self-deprecating vanity plate in history, or he had something else in mind.
This weekend my wife and I saw a vanity plate in California:  LUV2PASGAS, only instead of LUV it had an actual heart character.  I screamed out “LOVE TO PASS GAS – FOR THE WIN!” but then I realized it wasn’t about flatulence, but rather about infrequent refueling – driving past gas stations – as it was on a hybrid car.

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