My Recent Blog Search Dominance

I happened to notice a few funny search hits in my blog stats today.   These are search items which somehow brought people to my blog:

1) “what to do if encountered by a skunk” landed on this old post.

2) “how do you use apple for voodoo” found a this post about Sorkin’s voodoo math.

3) “my pear tree broke” led to my post about my pear trees getting destroyed.

4) “how to launder money from venezuela” landed on a post about HLF’s practices in that country.

and last, but definitely not least, I got MULTIPLE results for the search:

vagina blog”  which led to this recent post

sadly, I’m not in the top few pages of results for “vagina blog,” which means that people were really digging deep in the search results to find, um, what they were looking for…

just another day…

edit:  I’d like to thank Insider Monkey for including me on their recent “The 100 Best Finance Blogs” list at #70!  Hopefully they won’t rescind their recognition as I continue to write posts like this one…


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