My Health Insurance Bill Just Increased 48%

I am on full blown BAJUNGI tilt.

My wife and I buy our own health insurance.   In New Hampshire, you don’t have much choice of providers: it’s basically Anthem.  So we got the high deductible healthcare plan, where we pay the first $2500 of bills annually.  They even throw in some free preventative care (physical, flu shots, etc), but we pay for everything else* (at the “negotiated rate”) until we hit the deductible.  The monthly rate for the health insurance plan was $359.50/month.

Today, I opened a letter from Anthem informing me that I am “A valued member of the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield family,” and that my monthly rate is going up to $532.26.    That’s a minor (/sarcasm) 48% increase!  Are you f*cking kidding me?  I assume that this is because I turned 35 years old in 2011, and now we’re in the next higher risk group.  Of course, I’m not too happy about this, because I’m not 48% less healthy – in fact, I lost 20 lbs so far this year, and am indubitably more healthy than I was last year.

Given the technological abilities we have these days, it boggles my mind that a turn of the page on a calendar could put me into some “group” which results in 48% higher costs.  They clearly need to re-design the risk groups, no?  How can we not have the ability to manage these risk pools in a more finely tuned way that reflects the actual risk?


ps – PLEASE tell me that this has nothing to do with Obamacare…  I’m begging you…

*example: I went to the dermatologist in June.  I paid: $165.75 for the office visit.  $204.28 to have a mole removed.  $66.49 to have a skin tag removed.   $195 for the lab work on the mole, and $125 for the lab work on the skin tag. $756 total

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