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Yesterday I mentioned a paper from Kartik Athreya titled “Economics is Hard, Don’t Let Bloggers Tell you Otherwise.”
Not surprisingly, today, many bloggers responded to Athreya’s piece, including some of the ones he named specifically in his piece (Brad Delong, Matthew Yglesias – both well respected, widely read bloggers who I actually do not read on a daily basis.)  Here are some of the responses:
1) The Reformed Broker wins for his simplicity, summarizing: “Economists Can’t Do Economics Either
3) Matthew Yglesias  “Completely apart from the fact that the “science” of economics is a good deal less developed than what you see in real sciences, the fact is that economic policy is economics plus politics.”
4) Scott Sumner expresses a sentiment I talked about recently: “Unlike Athreya, I don’t judge people by their credentials, but rather by the quality of their arguments.
“It’s so hard that experts don’t always do it well.  The experts are constantly prone to correction by non-experts, by practitioners, by people who are self-educated economic experts but not professional economists, and by people who know some economics and a lot about some other field(s).  It is very often that we — at least some of us — are wrong and at least some of those other people are right.  Furthermore those other people are often more meta-rational than a lot of professional economists.”

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