MoMo Massacre – Part I?

This post was inspired by a recent post by Josh Brown

Just in time for Halloween, we have the Momentum Stock Massacre, which is following the classic horror movie script where the characters get killed off one by one.  In the movies: it’s chainsaws, bear traps, metal scalpel hands, and machetes.  In the market version: it’s margin calls, negative guidance, disappearing CEOs, and margin compression.

First you have the egotistical dude who is strutting around, but everyone knows he’s gonna be the first to go.  That’s $OPEN:



Oh the horror.  A slow painful death, typical of the work of Jigsaw:

Jigsaw, from the Saw series

I think that Jigsaw is also holding $RIMM hostage, slowly torturing him.  RIMM went out to get firewood several months ago and never returned to the campfire:

Somebody Help Me!!! PLEASSSE!

Then there was the hot chick – for a minute you thought she might survive, but then you remember – the hot chick always dies.  That’s $GMCR.

GMCR - Killed by a Baby Faced Assassin

Interestingly, this one was taken down by a different kind of killer:

Baby Faced Short Selling Assassin David Einhorn


For a minute you thought that the Senator’s son – $FSLR (see what I did there?  Green energy initiatives!), and the ugly chick – $NFLX might survive: but they both got brutally dispatched:

Not Even Gov't Green Energy Initiatives Could Save This One


Just When You Thought The Pain Was Over

NFLX - Was it all just a bad dream? NOOOOOOOO!

Finally,  the Best Friend got ambushed yesterday, while innocently visiting Camp Crystal Lake: $AMZN

Ambushed by a chainsaw-wielding maniac in the woods


Stay tuned for the sequel – MoMo Massacre II – when we find out if the three remaining buddies: $APPL, $CMG, and $PCLN can avoid the fate of those who have come before them and survive 2011 unharmed…

Unfortunately, you know how the script for sequels goes.  The thus-far-unharmed had better be looking over their shoulders.


disclosure: no position in $OPEN, $RIMM $GMCR, $FSLR $AMZN,$NFLX, $AAPL, $CMG or $PCLN


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