Meet Verdell – The Foster Puppy

After failing our first attempt at fostering a dog – we ended up keeping Mr. Griffey – Mrs. Dynamite and I have successfully fostered and placed 2 great dogs for the National Brussels Griffon Rescue.   Benny was our first, a funny “old” pooch who had some serious bladder stone issues that we took care of before placing him with a great family in Nashua.   Next came Nikko, an amazing dog with a perineal hernea who f0und a home with a young couple in Brooklyn, NY.  Now we have Verdell.

Those of you familiar with the movie As Good As It Gets will recognize the name:  the Brussels Griffon in the movie, who put the breed on the map, was named Verdell.   In our case, a woman saw the movie, wanted the dog, ordered one from a puppy mill broker, named him Verdell after the dog in the movie, and then came to the quick realization that she couldn’t handle the puppy.   It’s been almost 8 years since Mrs. Dynamite and I have had a puppy – back when Oscar was a baby:

Oscar at 8 weeks - Jan 2005

Oscar at 8 weeks – Jan 2005

but at least we have some experience.

Verdell, we’re quickly realizing, is a great puppy, but he will own you if you don’t train him up.    He’s only 5 months old, and weighs about 7lbs.  Mrs. Dynamite has already taught him – in a mere 48 hours – that if he jumps up to greet her, she’ll ignore him and turn around.  Now, he politely (yet eagerly) sits at her feet when he greets her.



It’s incredible to watch Oscar and Griffey “train” Verdell also.  We had issues with both Benny and Nikko, aged 8 and 6 respectively, because when Griffey bullied them, they fought back, and wars quickly escalated.   Verdell, on the other hand, takes his cues from the two older dogs (O&G are each almost 8 years old), and they tell him how to act.   When Verdell jumps on Griffey’s head, and Griffey snaps at him, Verdell doesn’t fight back: he learns not to do it again.   All three of them have been playing together tremendously.

Yesterday, Verdell, as is his tendency, went BEZERK when I went to get his breakfast.   He was leaping up and screaming a high pitched demanding yelp/wail/scream bark.   Oscar, as if to say “listen up, schmuck, if you don’t STFU you’re going to ruin this for all of us,” grabbed him from behind and mounted him.  As soon as Oscar let go, Griffey pounced on Verdell’s face.   Verdell is learning quickly that he can’t always have his way.

Having a puppy again, even for a short period of time, is crazy but fun.  Verdell makes me laugh all the time, and we expect that he will get placed very quickly when he’s ready for adoption – after he gets neutered.



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