Meat Chicks – Two Weeks Old

My baby chicks which will eventually grow up to be dinner are now slightly more than 2 weeks old.  It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but the birds are growing quickly.  While the newly-arrived-chicks in my prior post were tiny little fragile puffs, these birds already have enough heft that you can “feel” them in your hand when you pick them up.   They’re bigger than they look in these pictures.   They also happen to be panicky ingrates who scatter like I’m going to spray them with acid every time I get near their box.



In reality, all I do is refill their food several times a day and clean and replace their water when necessary.   Their feathers are coming in, and I’m going to move them outside to the chicken tractor as soon as I possibly can.  I’m guessing that will be sometime next week.

For those who missed the introduction post about the meat birds, I’m raising Red Rangers and Pioneers.



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