Mea Culpa?

I’m always amused by articles like this one from Jeremy Green, explaining how the Jacksonville Jaguars will beat the New England Patriots this weekend.
What’s most amazing about Green’s piece is that he commendably managed to write a pro-Jacksonville piece without using the most prolific and asinine Jacksonville cliche soundbite of the past month: that they are a “Southern football team that plays like a Northern football team,” and that the Jags are “Built for Northern, hard nosed, cold weather football.”
Look, it’s fine for a columnist to try to make a name for himself by issuing a ridiculous, counter-trend thesis with the tiny prayer that the multi-sigma event will actually go his way and attract “I told you so” recognition. HOWEVER, when the Pats beat the Jags on Saturday I’ll be looking for Jeremy Green’s mea culpa on Sunday morning.

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