Maui Trip Report Part II: Dining & Random

If you missed Part I, I talked about the lodging, hiking and activities we did in Maui.  Here, I’ll give my lowdown on the food we ate.

Four Seasons Cabana Poolside Service

The poolside cheese-steak sandwich is good, as are the cocktails.  The breakfast buffet (@ DUO restaurant on site) is also good, as it should be for $35 per person.  I didn’t like the Thai Chicken Wrap (poolside) at all.

Monkeypod Kitchen

One day we had lunch at Monkeypod Kitchen in Wailea, where the poke taco appetizer was good, the rock shrimp & calamari appetizer was pathetic, and my Ono sandwich was decent.

Paia Fishmarket

Paia Fishmarket is awesome.  In case it’s not obvious, fish is their bread and butter.  I had the Obama Burger – a cajun Ono burger (fillet, not ground meat), broiled and topped with wasabi butter.  Make sure you spread the wasabi butter out or you will get a nasal wasabi brain drill at some point.  They also have a variety of daily fish plates, depending on what the locals caught.  The Obama Burger was around $10 or so, but I have a feeling that the fish plates are significantly more expensive. This place is casual – you order at a counter and sit at a communal picnic table.

Famous Daves BBQ

We had dinner one night at Famous Daves in Lahaina.  I don’t know this BBQ chain, although I have since found out that there’s one in “Manchestah” NH, so maybe I’ll check it out.  We had the rib-tip appetizer (beware of the small bones) and I had a combo of brisket and chopped pork.  Everything was excellent (although the corn on the cob was totally weak), but made us feel like death afterwards – too much meat.  Combine this with the fact that when you’re on vacation you usually don’t have great capacity to handle leftovers, and we gave our carryout containers to two very happy guys on the street outside.

David Paul’s Grill

On Front Street in Lahaina there is a plethora of dining options.  I was actually kinda surprised by how pricey many of them seemed in relation to the ambiance – and that’s coming from a guy who used to live in New York City and is conditioned to high restaurant prices.  Many places that looked like dumps had entrees at $35 and up.   At the Northern end of Front Street, past Cold Stone Creamery and the Hard Rock Cafe, we found Chef David Paul’s Grill, which was pretty solid, and wasn’t priced to absolutely destroy you (it was only priced to maim:  entrees were around $30).  Our waiter was friendly, and when I asked him for a recommendation between the shrimp and the shortribs, he was deeply torn, before replying “Do both – 1/2 of each,” which he made happen.  The shortribs (boneless) were very good, and the shrimp was fine.

Star Noodle House

Star Noodle House is located slightly east in the hills of Lahaina – make sure you map it out first – but only a few minutes from Front Street.  I loved this place – top quality service, in the sense that any one of 4 servers capably and seamlessly serviced us, and the food was awesome.

Beach Bums in Maalaea

We stopped here for lunch between hikes.  I had a pathetically weak mahi-mahi wrap, but Mrs. Dynamite had a bbq’d pork quesadilla that showed some quality – very good smoked pork.

Randomness:  I snapped this picture of a guy on Front Street in Lahaina chiseling wood turtles – he would hold it between his feet and chisel:

Then there’s the Obama bobble-heads, which I did not buy, but which are prevalent in every knick-knack store:


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