Manual Labor

I’m up at my in-laws’ house, working on the finishing design of our new maple syrup pans – more on that in the next few weeks.  Yesterday my father-in-law put me to work doing some old fashioned man’s work:  demolishing an old box truck.  Three of us tore it apart in a matter of hours – chainsaw, sledgehammer, crowbar, drill, Acetylene torch.  The torch was a fun one, although I’m quite sure I didn’t have the requisite amount of protection, considering my lack of skill with the tool.  I was smart enough to demand glasses, and thus I still have my eyesight today, after showering myself with an eruption of sparks.  My sweatshirt has a handful of little black holes in it from my adventures – and I’m back on it today, dismantling the remainder of the frame.

I leave you with some reading:

1) NY Times: Sharing a Bed with Pets – To my readers who have pets – do they sleep in bed with you?  Does anyone have an animal other than a dog that sleeps in bed with them?  My wife and I share our king sized bed with Oscar and Mr. Griffey (Brussels Griffons) every night.

2) MISH: 40% of Wisconsin Teachers Call in Sick

“I’m just trying to balance my budget,” (Wisconsin Governor) Walker told the New York Times. “To those who say why didn’t I negotiate on this? I don’t have anything to negotiate with. We don’t have anything to give. Like practically every other state in the country, we’re broke. And it’s time to pay up.” He says the measure will help avoid up to 6,000 layoffs.”

3) Ultimi Barborum:

“Excuse me, but when any stockmarket not been full of speculators trying to outdo each other?”


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