Live College Sex Show! (SFW?)

Warning: although there are no videos or pictures of live college sex shows in this post, there is some mature language that some readers may find not suitable for work.


Oh Northwestern, you had me at “naked woman was penetrated by a sex toy until she reached sexual climax.”  From the AOL News article:

“Students in the popular and provocative human sexuality course at Northwestern University were invited for an optional demonstration after class on Feb. 21 in which a naked woman was penetrated by a sex toy until she reached sexual climax…

Before a woman onstage disrobed, students were repeatedly advised that they would see explicit content.

The woman then used a machine with a graphic name to stimulate herself to the point of ejaculation, a topic that had been recently covered in class, Bailey said…”

I wonder what the “graphic name” of the machine was? (Oh – this just in – it’s called a “fucksaw!” yeah – it’s a jigsaw with a dong attached to the end of it.  Can one purchase this on Amazon Prime?  I’m afraid to search for it, as then Amazon will incorporate it into my recommendations!)  But wait – here’s the money shot – errrr – money quote:

“The students “”seemed to be incredibly pleased. We had a number of them that got closer and closer.””

SEEMED TO BE INCREDIBLY PLEASED!  File that one under obvious?  What I’m wondering is if they handed out rain gear, like those in the front rows at Sea World get – or like you get when you ride that boat that goes under Niagara Falls.  Did any young entrepreneur make a few extra bucks selling ponchos and goggles to those students in the front row?  Bones sends me this picture to provide a visual:

For those of you wondering, you too can get this kind of experience for only 52 grand a year, at Northwestern.

We never had anything like this at M.I.T, but then again I graduated in 1998, back in the Puritan Age.  I’m sure they do this all the time now.  We did once have a late night session where a girl in a bikini came to the lecture hall and banged out some Fast Fourier Transforms. (Nemo – where are you? that joke was for you!)

A friend of mine who went to Northwestern writes:

“I took his class as an undergrad…  I feel jipped that we never had any supplemental workshops… Wait…did she squirt?!”

Indeed, my friend, indeed she did. That was the lecture topic!  My most faithful reader, Bones, follows up:

“I have an ongoing research program into similar material.  It’s more of an online independent study though.  University of Phoenix FTW!”

Which brings up an interesting point – this sort of educational “material” is surely only a few clicks away on the vast reaches of the World Wide Web (so I’m told) – was the LIVE show really necessary?  And would U of Phoenix, the online college, simply have sent their students a link instead?

Bones summed up the situation quite nicely: “I don’t think they offer that at BYU.”

In case you’re unaware,

Brandon Davies was dismissed from BYU’s basketball team after he admitted to having sexual relations with his girlfriend, the Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday.

BYU’s honor code forbids students from having premarital sex and instructs them to “live a chaste and virtuous life.”

Oh my, how the times they are-a-changin’.  I don’t consider myself to be anything remotely resembling “prude,”  but I have to admit that a live demonstration of female ejaculation is probably not something I’d consider appropriate in an institute of higher learning. But I guess I never learned the golden rule, explained by the Professor:

“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but watching naked people on stage doing pleasurable things will never hurt you,”

Related must read: the Professor, John Michael Bailey, writes a letter defending his decision:


I teach a large (nearly 600 person) human sexuality class at Northwestern University. During class I lecture about the science of sexuality. Many days after class I organize optional events. These events primarily comprise speakers addressing interesting aspects of sexuality. This year, for example, we have had a panel of gay men speaking about their sex lives, a transsexual performer, two convicted sex offenders, an expert in female sexual health and sexual pleasure, a plastic surgeon, a swinging couple, and the February 21st panel led by Ken MelvoinJBerg, on “networking for kinky people.” These events are entirely optional, they are not covered on exams, and I arrange them at considerable investment of my time, for which I receive no compensation from Northwestern University. The students find the events to be quite valuable, typically, because engaging real people in conversation provides useful examples and extensions of concepts students learn about in traditional academic ways.”

Um, yeah. That’s not quite the same as a live Fucksaw demonstration, now, is it?

I’ll close with this, which is also probably one to file under “NO SHIT SHERLOCK,”

McCormick junior Ellen Kourakos described the sex-toy implementation as “a little more explicit than expected.”

Although it begs the question – exactly how explicit did you expect a live sex-toy implementation of female ejaculation to be?

I think I know what Sir Charlie Sheen would say about all of this.




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