LinkedIn – Everyone’s Got Skills!

I got this email from LinkedIn ($LNKD – no positions) today, and it amused me:


Want Skillz?


It’s just that easy!   You just add skills, and then, WHAMMO – you have them!  Who knew getting skills was so easy! (/sarcasm)

Now, of the 889,085 d-bags on LinkedIn (no offense) who claim to have skills in “mergers,” how many of the do you think are ACTUALLY skilled in mergers?

According to LinkedIn, at the time of this writing, there are also:

1.1MM users skilled in “problem solving”

2.1MM users skilled in “budgeting”

1.2MM users skilled in “negotiation”

858k users skilled in “real estate”

429k users skilled in “risk management”

1MM users skilled in “strategic planning”

1.7MM users skilled in “customer relations”

and on and on… you get the point.

The smallest number i saw was 53,800 skilled in “Bloomberg” – and fuck yeah – I clicked “Add Skill” for that one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go click on all of my other plethora of skills.




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