Let’s Second Guess Bill Belichick

The Patriots won a great game today against the Baltimore Ravens.  Coming back from a 20-10 deficit, the Pats tied the game, and had a chance to win it at the end of regulation.  They had 4th down and 1 from Baltimore’s  44 yard line, with 4 seconds on the clock, and called timeout.  
Do you a) bring in Stephen Gostkowski to attempt a 62 yard field goal for the win?  or b) throw a Hail Mary?   Now, Gostkowski’s career long is 53 yards, and he did have the wind at his back here.   I think you kick the field goal, but by doing so, I guess you risk a block/runback.  Also, by throwing the Hail Mary, you give yourself the opportunity to draw a pass interference penalty.  What say ye, the readers?
The Pats went for the Hail Mary, had a legitimate chance to make a play, but failed.  They eventually won in OT, after a key field position reversal coming off of Zoltan Mesko’s punt from inside his own 15 yard line – a 65 yard boomer that put Baltimore back near their own 20.
Another fast fact that Phil Simms mentioned:  Deion Branch, returning to the Patriots after four years in Seattle, had kept his condo down the street from Gillette Stadium the entire time he was gone – but he sold it two months ago, and was then traded back to the Patriots last week!  Bad beat!

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