Let’s Get Physical, Physical

I went for a physical today. I’m at that age (30) where I wonder if the doctor is going to try to check my oil – as at some point it will surely be time for a prostate test.

This time, however, I had a urine test, blood test, EKG, blood pressure check, ball squeeze, chest exam and general exam, but I avoided the oil check – I consider it a moral victory.

The only other odd thing was that in the rapid fire medical history inquisition he gave me (history of diabetes? NO. drugs? NO. smoking? NO. high blood pressure? NO. etc) he then asked “Have you ever had a colonoscopy?” NO. “Have you ever had a scope inserted in your rectum?” NO. “Any kind of camera or tube inserted in your colon?” Umm.. Doc.. No… Is there something you’re getting at? Anyway…

In other news – did you see this video of Larry Johnson tackling Troy Polamalu by his hair? Great stuff.

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