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I broke my finger on Saturday.  Stupid, unlucky, tiny little injury that is a nuisance.  It’s the tip of my right middle finger (yes, I’m a righty), and I broke it by smashing it between two pieces of wood as we were cleaning up after maple sugaring on Saturday.  We were literally done for the day, and I was putting the tarp over the wood pile, weighing the tarp down with a piece of wood, when I encountered a rogue piece underneath the tarp which crushed my finger.

Little bone, big annoyance

Now, for a professional Blogger (/sarcasm) this is a serious injury.   The middle finger is a keyboard workhorse.  I wonder if I can get Workers Comp from Stocktwits??? What say ye, Howard, Phil?

The real problem, of course, is wiping.  As in my butt.   Yes – too much information warning – but just try wiping with your non-dominant hand sometime.   Oy vey.

Wiping and typing… These are the issues I face.

Readers can expect a rant about health insurance when I get the bill for this treatment (walk in urgent care, not the Emergency Room)- but that will be a story I’m saving for another day.


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