Is Einhorn Insinuating That There is an Einhorn Imposter Out There?

Every time I write a post about David Einhorn and Herbalife ($HLF) I assume that it will be the last post I write on the issue.  But it just keeps getting stranger.   This post is the simplest of them all, and yet at the same time, perhaps the most confusing.   NYT Dealbook recapped Einhorn’s Ira Sohn presentation:

“The crowd began to buzz just before David Einhorn took the stage on Wednesday at the Ira Sohn Conference.

Cellphone screens cast a fluorescent glow in the packed auditorium, as investors eagerly awaited the hedge fund managers latest tip.

An image of Bart Simpson standing before a chalkboard was projected onto a large screen with the words “I will not pretend to be David Einhorn on earnings calls.”

It was just the sort of inside joke that made everyone in attendance snicker. A few weeks ago, Mr. Einhorn, who is known for scathing analysis of companies, asked a question on the earnings call of Herbalife that helped send the company’s share price down.”

I will not pretend to be David Einhorn on earnings calls.”…  hmmm… That’s a little odd – is Einhorn suggesting that he wasn’t in fact the one who called in to the Herbalife call and asked the question that somehow managed to shave 25% off of the company’s stock price in short order?

I pulled up some YouTube video of Einhorn this morning and compared it to the audio on the HLF call – they sound similar enough to me.  I’ll leave it to my technical gurus in the audience to get all CSI: Earnings Call on it and run their voice match software.   For reference, the audio from the HLF call is at BusinessInsider, and other Einhorn audio is all over Youtube.

So what did Einhorn mean with that “I will not pretend to be David Einhorn on earnings calls” slide?  Was he just making an oddly timed joke?    Has he heard rumors of future fake-Einhorns calling in to try to manipulate stocks with questions under false pretense?

Curiouser and curiouser…

Edit: I just figured it out!!  It must have been FINKLE!  Einhorn is Finkle!  Finkle is Einhorn!


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