Is Apple Mocking Me?

I can’t be the only one out there who finds Apple’s previous-standard round earbuds to be unusable.     I hate those things with a passion:  they hurt, and they fall out of my ears, and now I feel like Apple is mocking me with their new (not so new anymore) commercial.  Have a look:

“I don’t know what shape that is – but it’s not round.  So why would headphones be round?   They should be shaped like this – ear-shaped.  You know, so they fit in your ears.”

Pardon me for yelling, but NO SHIT SHERLOCK.    Dear Apple – why the F*CK did you sell HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of devices with the craptastic round earbuds then?!?!?  Now you’re going to basically tell us how crappy those HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of earbuds you already sold us are?   Bajungi tilt…

disclosure: no positions in $AAPL


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