Introducing: Oscar

Name: Oscar Dynamite
Type: Dog
Breed: Brussels Griffon
Sex: M
Age: 10 weeks
Likes: Following KD & Mrs. D around, peeing on the floor, howling when left alone, cuddling
Dislikes: Being left alone, peeing on newspaper, obeying commands, night time

We finally brought home Oscar. Last night was his first night with us, which, as expected was a tough one. It was his first night away from his 7 brothers and sisters, and he cried every hour for 5-10 minutes. Although the breeder says he’s paper trained, he showed absolutely no evidence of this last night, but hopefully he’ll improve as he settles down. He hit the target a few times today! I can’t tell you how proud I was when my boy crapped in the right spot. It felt like laying down JJ to preflop re-raise and having my opponent show me Cowboys.

He’s ridiculously cute, and when he matures and learns to listen, should be even more fun. It’s so hard to leave the apartment – he cries every time we leave him alone.

Stay tuned for many more trials and tribulations of Oscar.


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