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Last night I had this dream.  I was at a Phish concert, and the venue was indoors.   It reminded me kinda like a larger version of The Theater at Madison Square Garden.   During the show opener, keyboardist Page McConnell led a Congo line up and out of the arena.  We joined in, and next thing I knew I was back at the hotel.

Now, the hotel we were staying at was probably subliminally inspired by the French Quarter Suites hotel we stay at in New Orleans for Jazz Fest.   Here’s where it gets weird:  my roommate was Phish front-man, Trey Anastasio.   Me and Trey were hanging out, looking out the window into the hotel courtyard, and across the courtyard, people in the 3rd floor room were deliberately having sex in the window.  In the room immediately above them, on the 4th floor, the same thing was happening.  All of the other rooms were “normal” in that there were no people having sex in the windows.

Me and Trey decided to take a walk, and we went downstairs through the private buffet that was being set up for some convention.  It may have been the Phish convention, but I’m not sure.  Then we went to register for the poker tournament, and guess who was taking the registrations for the line I was in… Did you guess?  You’re wrong: it was Danny Trejo!

Danny Trejo!

Danny Trejo!

The tournament was a $330 buy in, and I didn’t have the money in my pocket for some reason.   Trey disappeared because he doesn’t like to lend money out, I guess, but Danny said it was no problem, I could just pay him back later.

I also remember asking Trey some typical journalist questions, like: “What is your favorite song to play?” and “Are fans polite when they come up to you to say “hi” at places like this, or does it get wicked annoying?” (I don’t remember his answers)

Ok, Freuds – have at it…


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