Pardon my lack of posts – it was 90 degrees here yesterday, and we have some houseguests for a few days so I’ve actually been a little bit “busy” which will continue for another day.

In the meantime, check out Andrew Ross Sorkin’s take on the $GOOG dual share class (or my own take, if you missed it).

I will probably have something to write later in the week about $AAPL, which the Stock Sage singelhandedly kaibashed with this post last week.  I did the same thing with Netflix ($NFLX) on June 7, 2011, when I wrote “Is Momentum Waning?  Negative Ghostrider.”   That post called the top in $NFLX (accidentally, of course – the post was about how strong the momentum stocks were doing) almost to the day… What remains to be seen is if $AAPL is merely undergoing a correction after an insane bull run, or if it’s Netflix Summer 2011 all over again.   I’d lean more toward the former – I think it’s unlikely that 2/3rd of AAPL’s market cap evaporates in short order – but I also have more thoughts for later about how even the biggest market leaders become momentum darlings and get ahead of themselves.

We started planting our garden yesterday.  It’s about a month earlier than we normally plant, but cold weather crops like sugar snap peas and spinach are good to go.  We also did sweet onions, red onions, elephant garlic, and the asparagus (perennials) are just starting to pop through the surface as well.

until later..


no positions in $GOOG, $AAPL, $NFLX


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