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It’s been a while since I gave you some links, so know that these are good ones:

1) this story is downright FASCINATING:

“The Chinese website Tencent reports that a father got so upset with his son’s nonstop MMO playing that he hired an in-game hit-squad to kill his son’s character whenever it spawned, in the hopes of discouraging the young man from playing.”

I mean – just ponder that.   If it doesn’t make you shake your head and say “WTF has our world come to?” well then, I dunno…click over to read the rest.

2) @EpicureanDeal takes on Partnoy and Eisinger’s populist bank accounting ramblings

“For that is what public accounting is: a public accounting of the financial results of a firm for the benefit of external stakeholders of various stripes, including lenders, creditors, business counterparties, regulators, and investors. It is meant to be an intermittent report on the health and progress of a firm to potentially interested parties, filtered, standardized, and formatted into a presentation which can allow those parties to compare the firm to its peers and competitors both within and outside its industry. It is not meant to be a real-time profile of the actual business operations of an individual firm; nor is it meant to give outsiders such operational knowledge of the firm that they completely understand and perhaps could even run the business themselves. It is a report card, not a class curriculum or even lecture notes.”

3) John Hempton on Herbalife – Must watch his CNBC appearance too, if you haven’t.

Hempton pulls no punches.  I especially liked this part:

“The nutrition clubs have some merit. I once shared house with a lesbian Avon lady. She sold a couple of hundred thousand dollars worth of make-up a year. Her shtick was simple. She visited women stuck in outer-suburbia – the land of the 3 hours of daily commute. Their husbands were away from them for 11 hours a day and they were very stuck. She would play with them – putting makeup on them like 14 year old girls put makeup on each other. She would tell them they were beautiful and be supportive. This was multi-level marketing as decentralized support mechanism and it worked.

The nutrition clubs are like that. Fat men turn up and share a shake with other fat men and support each other to lose weight. It is sort of a Hispanic obese person’s version of alcoholics anonymous. Mostly Hispanic anyway – as it started in the Hispanic community. Guys turn up and they say something like “My name is Jose and I am fat”. It works.

The Manhattan version of support for weight loss is a highly priced gymnasium with a personal trainer to push you to remove the pounds. But it is blindingly arrogant to believe that that is the only valid sort of support group for weight loss.”

4) That Trillion Dollar Coin Thing

cut through all the nonsense and read these two posts:

1) From Steve Randy Waldman @Interfluidity

2) From Cullen Roche @Pragcap

EDIT:  read this one from @FelixSalmon too

Enjoy.  these posts are worth the collective 30 minutes it will take to read them all.


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