In Depth Look Inside the Bourbon Street Bead Trading Pit

My most loyal reader Bones thought that my audience would like an in depth picture tutorial on the Bourbon Street Bead Trading Pit I mentioned in my last post, where the currency of the future is being traded around the clock – not silver, not US$, but plastic beads.  A few readers on Twitter noted that I needed “more boobs” in the posts, and this request has been answered below.

I actually had no idea of the shady manipulations of the Bourbon Street Bead Pit – until New Orleans local @Pcdunham clued me in to the inside info that the local traders employ in the pit:

“caveat, local girls typically don’t accept beads as currency. out of town girls have asymmetric info about supply of beads”

Jeez – talk about a rigged market.  Anyway, let’s proceed.  None of the following pictures are my own, so I will attempt to cite sources.  First, a look at the Bourbon Street Bead Pit in its entirety (source):

The Bead Pit

Occasionally, selling pressure takes over, obviously as the evil bankers try to manipulate the price (source):


Of course, then, the shorts have to actually make delivery, which is easy for them to do, because they have inside info, as @Pcdunham noted.  He also gave me a juicy tidbit about the Bead Crop Report: “We have warehouses of beads like China has copper” (pic source):

Shorts Making Delivery - No Default Yet

And the longs take delivery (source) :

Taking Delivery

Quality assurance is important, and I believe there’s some sort of quality control audit going on here – likely a Bourbon Street Bead Exchange compliance officer of some sort making sure that no fraudulent product is being exchanged.  You’ll note that the audit is well documented by photographers to make sure that it’s thorough (source):

Bourbon St. Bead Exchange Compliance Officer At Work

Oh – I almost forgot – I promised boobs (source):

Boobs. Yes, I know you were expecting something else. You know how to find them on the internet, I'm sure.

And then, finally, there’s the cleanup – where the Bead Exchange Cleanup Crew cleans up all the discarded trade tickets from the day (source):

So there you have it – the most thorough photo-documentary of the Bourbon Street Bead Trading Pit ever assembled.  My sources in The Pit will keep me updated and let me know if silver/gold becomes the currency of the future there.


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