I Need Your Help Replacing Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down in July.    For someone like me who compulsively consumes news from a variety of sources (I have 96 feeds in my Google Reader), this is a problem.   Here’s what I need:

1) Something that’s FUNCTION over FORM – I’m not interested in “pretty newspaper layout” or “discuss posts with your friends” – I just want the new posts to populate a list which I can then select/sort by both a) source blog and b) read/unread.  I would also like to be able to mark “favorites” or “save for later.”  I don’t care about social network tie-ins, etc.

2) something that’s cloud based so that I can use it on my laptop or on my Kindle Fire and it will sync seamlessly.  This is one spot where Google Reader excelled:  it was easy to use on the mobile device, and it updated and synced instantly and seamlessly.

3) something that’s conducive to large numbers of feeds and stories – I have 96 feeds, and I get more than 500 new stories a day.  Yes, I usually insta “mark-as-read” 80% of these, but still…

Basically, I want something that looks and acts like Google Reader.

My readers referred me to this Lifehacker post, and I tried a few options there.   Tyler Cowen’s readers also had some suggestions, but it’s hard to tell which of them suck, and which are just getting completely over-run with traffic from people like me trying to find a new RSS reader  For example, I kinda liked the looks of The Old Reader, but it was unusably slow.  Might that change?  I dunno.  Probably.

I put out a call for suggestions on Twitter last night, and people came back with:

Feedly: (too “pretty”  – I need to CONSUME news – I don’t need it presented to me in a fancy newspaper format: I need a boring old list like Google Reader)

EDITFeedly is growing on me: I get frustrated by its non-intuitive commands and interface, but the web version is usable once you get the hang of it.  I still have a huge problem with the Feedly Kindle Fire App, which I find nearly useless.  This is where Google Reader really stands out: mobile version was awesome (and web based – no standalone app needed).

Netvibes:  This one initially seemed promising, but their mobile offering is useless to me, and I’ve been unable to get the regular version to update my feeds for the last 3 hours. Useless in its current state (Again, may just be slow from being overloaded)…

Feedreader: hated it.

For now, I’m going to take a look at NewsBlur, and maybe continue to look at The Old Reader.   Both are unusable at the moment due to overloaded traffic, but I’m clinging to hope… Newsblur seems like if you want more than 12 feeds you have to pay?  Can’t really figure it out – site is absolutely slogged right now.

If users have suggestions for RSS Readers that look and act like Google Reader, please do let me know.  I’ll say again:  I want something that looks and acts like Google Reader – NOT something that looks and acts like Feedly.   I have massive numbers of feed items on a daily basis, which is also why “Use Twitter” is not a viable solution.


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