Homebrew Batch #43, 44 – Whole Leaf IPAs: Belma & Bravo

For those looking for batch 42, it was a repeat of my Brown Ale, and I had mash efficiency problems again just like in my batch 41 – Gonna Quit All Grain Brewing Stout….

Today I brewed two extract batches, each 2.5 gallons, and each using a load of whole leaf hops that I bought from HopDirect.com.   Both batches used Belma and Bravo hops – the only difference is that batch 1 featured 3 ounces of Belma and 1 ounce of Bravo, while Batch 2 had the proportions reversed.   In batch 1 I also added .20 oz of locally grown hops which I think were Centennial.  I used a large pain strainer bag in the boil to hold all of the hops.

The recipe is as follows:

bring 3 gallons of water to a boil.   Add 3.3lbs of golden light liquid malt extract.  Bring back to a boil.

Add 0.25 oz of hops (batch 1: Centennial.  Batch 2: Bravo)

boil for 30 minutes, then add 0.2 oz of hops (batch 1: Belma, Batch 2, Bravo).  Also add 1 lbs amber dry malt extract

boil for anther 25 minutes, then add 0.2oz of hops (batch 1: Belma, batch 2: Bravo)

In the last 3 minutes, continually add 1.4oz of hops (batch 1: Belma, batch 2: Bravo)

at 60 minutes, add one ounce each of Belma and Bravo hops.  Remove from heat, put in ice bath, and add ice cubes to wort to accelerate cooling.   Remove hops bag after 3 minutes and let drain into wort.  Discard used hops.

Chill to 70 degrees and pitch Safale US-05.

OG for each came in around 1.06, and I had good volume – more than 2.5 gallons.

My plan is to allow these to ferment for 2 weeks, and then dry hop them heavily with the leaf hops – 1 oz of Belma for 4 days, and 1 ounce for 2 days in batch 1, with the same schedule of Bravo hops in batch 2.

I am concerned about dry-hopping with leaf hops in the carboy.  I don’t think I can get the hops in a bag in the carboy, so my plan is to just push them into the carboy, and then perhaps put some sort of hop-bag-filter over my auto-siphon when I go to rack for bottling.

If any of my readers have experience dry hopping with large quantities of leaf hops in a carboy (narrow top), please enlighten me.


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