Homebrew Batch #37 – Dry Hopped IPA

Today I brewed up a 5 gallon batch of my previous IPA recipe, which I plan to experiment with.   This was my first time brewing in my 10 gallon kettle which I got 2 years ago but have never used because my old stove couldn’t handle this kettle: the stove wasn’t powerful enough to get the kettle to boil.   This morning, it took a full 2 hours to get 6 gallons of water boiling on my new (electric) stove, and I couldn’t keep a boil going unless I had the cover on the kettle.

I brought 6 gallons of water to a boil and added 2 3.3lb containers of golden light liquid malt extract.   It took about another 30 minutes to get it back to a boil after that, at which point I added:

2 oz Cascade hops

After 30 minutes, I added 1 oz Fuggle

After 45 minutes total, I added another 1oz Fuggle and 1lb golden amber dry malt extract.

After 55 minutes total I added 2 oz of Hallertau

after 60 minutes total, I turned off the heat and added another 2 oz of Hallertau.

I left all of the hops in my nylon hop bag as I chilled the wort to 70 degrees, which took about another hour.

I then split the 5 gallon batch into 2 2.5G batches in separate glass carboys.   The act of pouring from the 10 gallon kettle into the carboys (using a small funnel) was a semi-disaster, and I dumped a bunch of wort on my floor.

In the end, I ended up with 2 2.5 gallon batches of 1.052 OG wort (my OG undershot the target of 1.058 because I couldn’t get the kettle to boil fast enough and ended up with slightly more volume than I wanted).   I pitched US-05 yeast in each carboy.

Now my plan is to let them ferment for 2 weeks and then dry hop 4 days before bottling.  I’m going to use 1 oz of Cascade in one carboy, and 1 oz of Hallertau in the other carboy.   Although I’d originally planned to dry hop in a nylon hops bag, I’m now planning to just dump the pellet hops straight into the carboys, as per the suggestion of my local homebrew shop guy.

The Cascade hops are already in the nylon bag

The Cascade hops are already in the nylon bag

This batch was more expensive than most, on account of 10 oz of hops (2 of which I will use for dry-hopping).   The hops cost me $30, and the malt cost me $35 in total.  Yeast was under $5.  $70 total.


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