Homebrew Batch #36 – Gizmo’s Brown Ale

After I was done brewing Max’s Belgian Blonde Ale, I regrouped and banged out the second half of a homebrew doubleheader.  For the Brown Ale, I modified my sparging technique according to the advice of my on-demand Twitter homebrew gurus, @GeneticBiscuit and @dinomyte633, adding a piece of aluminum foil with holes poked in it to minimize disturbances to my grain bed.  I also realized that with the Belgian Ale batch I had been lautering with too much liquid, and hence not getting my grain bed to set the way I needed it to.     Surprisingly, my efficiency again came in right around 60%, lending credence to the suggestion that it may have something to do with the grain crush.



For Gizmo’s Brown Ale, named after foster dog Gizmo, the 2.5 gallon recipe looked like this:

mash: 60 minutes at 154 degrees:

5lbs Maris Otter malt

0.5lbs brown malt

0.5lbs carapils

0.125lbs chocolate malt.

Lauter, sparge with 170 degree water, bring to a boil, then add:

0.5 oz East Kent Goldings hops.

After 45 minutes, add 0.5 oz East Kent Goldings hops.

after another 15 minutes (60 minutes total), remove from heat, chill to 70 degrees and pitch:

Nottingham Ale Yeast.

My OG came to 1.052.

I will give this 3 weeks in my basement, as usual.


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