Homebrew Batch #34 – Just Plain Stout

I brewed a stout today: 2.5 gallon all grain batch.  Ingredients were as follows:

3.5lbs 2 row pale malt (American)

0.5lbs roasted barley

0.5lbs chocolate malt

0.5lbs Crystal 60 malt

0.5lbs flaked oats

I used just under 6 quarts of water for my mash:

mashing in

mashing in

I mashed at about 155 degrees for 60 minutes, and my trusty 2 gallon igloo held the temp nicely. Here’s what it looked like after the mash before I sparged (3 gallons of 170 degree water):



I brought the wort to a boil, then added

1/4 oz of challenger hops

after 30 minutes I added another 1/4 oz of challenger hops.

after another 30 minutes (60 minutes total), I added 1/2 oz of Styrian goldings hops, and killed the heat.  I chilled it to 70 degrees and pitched T-58 yeast.

My OG was 1.05 and I was a little heavy on quantity: almost 3 gallons.

If anyone has a good “dry-coffee” recipe for adding coffee beans to a stout, I could be persuaded to try that on this batch…

otherwise, it will sit in my basement (60 degrees) for 3 weeks until bottling.



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