Homebrew Batch #33 – Late Hop IPA

I bottled my Local Hops IPA on Monday, and the early taste was so good that it motivated me to brew another IPA using “regular” hops and the leftover extract I had from the Local Hops batch (which ended up being a single 2.5 gallon batch due to hop limitations).

Today’s recipe was:

2.5 Gallons

Bring 3 gallons H2O to a boil.

Add: 3.3lbs Breiss Golden Light LMEĀ  and 1 oz Cascade hops

after 30 minutes, add 1 oz Fuggle

after another 10 minutes (40 minutes total) add 1 lb light dry malt extract

after another 15 minutes (55 minutes total) add 1 oz Hallertau

after another 5 minutes (60 minutes total), turn off heat, add 1 oz Hallertau, and chill wort to 70 degrees.

Pitch Safale US-05 yeast.

I overshot on quantity again and ended up making just under 3 gallons of 1.054 OG wort.

All of my hops were in pellet form from my local homebrew shop, and were roughly 4.0% alpha acids.


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