Healthcare.Gov: Critics Vindicated

If you’ve missed some of my prior posts on the subject, I am the guy getting screwed by the Affordable Care Act – quantified with data points.  In the past few years my health insurance costs (for my wife and I, with NO maternity coverage – Pre-Affordable-Care-Act Grandfathered plan) have gone from

2011: $360/month with $2500 deductible

2012: $300/month with $8000 deductible

2013: $315/month with $8000 deductible

2014: $356/month with $8000 deductible

2015: $388/month with $8000 deductible

Next year, when I’m finally pushed onto an Affordable Care Act plan, my premium will be in the mid $500s per month, with a deductible of more than $8000.     But anyway – the costs aren’t what I wanted to bitch about in this post.

I filled out a bunch of forms on to check out my options for the Affordable Care Act plans, but I never completed the process, because I found out that I could keep my current craptastic grandfathered plan for one more year.  So I get emails every once in a while from reminding me that I still need to finish my application, etc.

Today, February 18th, I get this Facepalm-inspiring letter in the mail:


Needless to say, it does little good to inform me of a Feb 15th deadline on Feb 18th.   And don’t you love the handy self-pledge area at the bottom where you can commit to yourself to finish the application later if you aren’t going to do it right now?

Smashing job, guys.



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