HBO’s Too Big To Fail – Don’t Miss It

Yeah – I said it – I loved HBO’s Too Big To Fail.  With a tremendous ensemble cast, TBTF is a pretty awesome adaptation of Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book by the same name.  Highlights of the movie include:

-Paul Giamatti’s Ben Bernanke.  Nervous, always looking like he was about to throw up, and culminating with the “scare the crap out of them” speech to Congress.

-William Hurt’s Hank Paulson.  Hurt needed some more stuttering to make it more accurate, and in fact, that was a big flaw with almost every single character – they got the looks down pretty well, but almost none of them excelled at the voices.  At least Tony Shalhoub as John Mack faked a Southern accent.

-Evan Handler’s Lloyd Blankfein.  Handler absolutely nailed Blankfein’s squinty puzzled looks, but sounded just like the Evan Handler from Californication when he talked.  He does have one of the best lines in the movie though, commenting on how discussing the bailout of Lehman isn’t the worst thing they could be doing, after his Chief of Staff laments that he can’t take any more of this:

“You’re getting out of a Mercedes to go to the New York Federal Reserve, you’re not getting out of a Higgins Boat on Omaha Beach. Keep things in perspective.”

-The scene where Billy Crudup’s Tim Geithner is trying to organize the mergers of the big broker dealers and the big commercial banks is top notch – especially the call between Shaloub’s Mack and Bill Pullman’s Jamie Dimon.

-James Woods did a terrific job as Lehman’s Dick Fuld.

-Ed Asner was so Warren Buffet-like that I thought for a minute Buffet may have been playing himself.

-Peter Hermann was excellent as former SEC head Christopher Cox – perfectly portraying Cox’s utter uselessness.

I even liked the actors playing Dodd, Frank and Pelosi.

Set your DVRs, or wait 2 years until you can stream this on $NFLX (/sarcasm) – either way – check out Too Big To Fail on HBO.


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