Are You A Goldbug? – A Simple Quiz, Part 1

Here’s a simple one question quiz which will allow you to easily determine if you’re a goldbug.

Look at the following two charts:







Which of these multiple choice options best describes what you see?

A: Chart 1 is normal price action, chart 2 is Cartel manipulation

B: Chart 1 shows what happens when lots of people want to buy gold or bet on the price of gold rising, while chart 2 shows what happens when lots of people want to sell gold or bet on the price of gold falling

C: Chart 2 is  Chart 1 flipped upside down over its X-axis – do I look like a friggin’ idiot?


If you answered “A” – congratulations: YOU’RE A GOLDBUG!   If you answered “B”, you gave a potentially accurate description of the chart pattern.  If you answered “C” you’re quite the sharp tack.

Note – this quiz cannot be used to rule you out of goldbuggery, it can only confirm that you are in fact a goldbug (if you answered “A”).   I will have some follow up quizzes in the future to help those who answered “B” or “C” determine if they may still be a goldbug.


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