Garden Update – Blowing Up

That’s right – the garden is blowing up – in a good way.  Although Mrs. Dynamite and I have had our fill of broccoli, other crops are coming up quickly.  We managed to diversify out of steamed broccoli, and into a nice broccoli and cheese casserole, as well as a tasty oven roasted broccoli variation with olive oil, salt and pepper, topped with shredded Parmesan and some lemon juice.  Choppin’ Broccoli…..

Now, we’ve been picking sugar snap peas off the vines:

Oscar and Mr. Griffey also love them, and strangely, they also love raw broccoli.  They spend much of their time outside crazing like herbivores.  I caught Griffey mid-chew here:

While I’m at it, here’s a video from a few months ago of Oscar crunching on raw carrots:

Back to the garden:  my sage is looking DOMINANT, although we haven’t used it yet:

We planted a new addition this weekend: rhubarb!  To be harvested starting next year (it’s a perennial)

The basil and cilantro are coming along nicely.  We cut some cilantro tonight for our grilled pineapple salsa:

And the cuke plants are looking monstrous:

Yes – I’m using tomato cages on the cukes too.  Speaking of which  – tomatoes are developing:

Finally, check out the baby Brussels Sprouts!

Yep. pretty pretty pretty good


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