Garden 1.1

In our first iteration of garden improvement, we pulled out our broccoli plants and peas and replanted both of them:

In the pic above you can see the four new broc plants, and the Brussels sprouts in the foreground.  The newly planted peas are on the outside of the little white fence, and there is new cilantro planted on the inside of the left side.  The cuke/eggplant/green pepper/bush bean patch is in the top right in the background, more visible in this pic:

Every time I think the cucumbers are played out, they assault us with another batch of cucumber goodness.   Last week I said to Mrs. Dynamite, “I think the cukes have pretty much had it.”  Then, this week, from Wednesday to Saturday, we harvested these:

Clearly, they are still producing rabidly.  Every once in a while, we miss one, and don’t find it until it’s a monster like this one, scaled next to Oscar for size:

Note Oscar’s super sad facial expression. Maybe he thought I was going to make him eat the cucumber.  Griffey loves all veggies, and Oscar likes many, but not cukes.
I’m still eager to see what comes of the hot pepper plants which I grew from seed – they are monsters, but are just starting to show some flowers – hopefully they’ll have time to develop fruit (some additional Brussels sprouts are in front, and you can’t even see the dominant sage anymore – it’s down between the hot peppers and the basil on the left hand side of the pic:)

My tomatoes have a disease, but they also have lots of tomatoes, which are just starting to ripen up nicely.  I’m not sure if it’s septoria leaf spot or fusarium wilt – they look similar.

You can see how many of the lower branches are dead and gone, picked off by yours truly.  Hopefully it’s not blight, but in any case, I’m not ripping out all of my plants, so, suck it, blight.  My plants are so tall that they’re falling over again – not a great thing, but anyway, I harvested enough tomatoes (and green pepper and basil) to make marinara sauce last night, which we combined with fresh picked eggplants to make into an eggplant parm.


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