Forget Europe – Bisexual Necrophiliac Penguins Are The Real Threat

Thanks to reader “Erik” for sending me this Yahoo Trends snapshot from yesterday morning around 10am:


When “Depraved Penguins” tops that motley list, you know it’s serious shit…

Nary a mention of “Spanish Bailout.”

And oh – just in case you want to get your salacious penguin sex reading on, the main story is here at Discovery News and here at Time.  It’s about a 1910 polar expedition, and the “shocking” behavior of the Adelie penguins that was witnessed therein.  This is like the penguin version of 50 Shades of Grey.  Two teasers, via the Discovery article:

“This afternoon I saw a most extraordinary site [sic]. A Penguin was actually engaged in sodomy upon the body of a dead white throated bird of its own species. The act occurred a full minute, the position taken up by the cock differing in no respect from that of ordinary copulation, and the whole act was gone through down to the final depression of the cloaca.”

“I saw another act of astonishing depravity today. A hen which had been in some way badly injured in the hindquarters was crawling painfully along on her belly. I was just wondering whether I ought to kill her or not, when a cock noticed her in passing, and went up to her. After a short inspection he deliberately raped her, she being quite unable to resist him.”

Discovery News: “Penguins Sex Acts Shocked Explorer

Time: “The Perverted Penguins That Scandalized the Scott Expedition


PS – if my blog could crack some search listing rankings for “Gay penguin sex” or “masturbating penguins,” I think it would be the greatest reward a guy could ask for…

PPS – I would be remiss if I didn’t include this classic video, in reference to number 3 in the Yahoo Trends:

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