My Favorite Posts of 2013

This post is in contrast to my last post which was my most popular posts of 2013.   Below are the posts I wrote which I enjoyed the most, thought were the most important, the most entertaining, or the most under-appreciated.   Here they are, laid out as the year progressed:

No, GLD Shares May Not Be Used to Settle COMEX Contracts – too many goldbug blog readers are still misinformed on this point…

Platinum, Miners and Gold – Oh  My: This is a pretty simple post about the importance of perspective when looking at charts.

“But It was Too Complicated” Is Never an Excuse – An ideology of mine

Voodoo Math, Apples and Oranges and Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Misinformation – I thought this post was pretty simple and important as a concept…

“You’re Absolutely Right” – Announcing a New Blog Service – for those who got the inside references in this post, I think this one was a homerun… that said, not everyone will be aware of  the precious metals charlatans I am mocking in this post.

Amazon – A Logistics Story: Just a first hand account of some interesting fulfillment methods from $AMZN

Congress Is A Bunch of Grandstanding D-bags – I even agreed with Rand Paul in this post!!!

Rigged Currency Markets or Standard Trading?   This is an important concept that I feel like most “civilians” will never understand.

The Crap Alarm – made me laugh, at least

“I Have No One To Blame But Myself” – this isn’t really even my post – but it’s an essential concept

Will the NY AG Shut Down Seeking Alpha Pro? –  just trying to highlight some hypocrisy

Cancelling Erroneous Trades – You’re Asking the Wrong Questions – I think most people agree with me here…

Are You Sure That’s What You Meant?  Bull Semen Edition – c’mon : it’s funny

Concrete Evidence of Gold Manipulation – satire pointing out hypocrisy

Stay tuned in 2014, and thanks for reading.


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