Explosive New Developments in the Sell Gold, Crash JP Morgan Campaign

Dearest Precious Metals Patriots:  yesterday I brought you the opportunity to stand Together As One and fight the Evil Empire corrupting our precious metals markets: the opportunity to finally take down JP Morgan.    Together we can take advantage of JP Morgan’s long gold exposure to bring them to their knees.   I know that the thought of selling gold, even for the benefit of destroying The Morgue, is tough to stomach, but remember: it’s all for the best in the long run.   With JP Morgan out of the way, gold will be free of manipulation and will rise to *stratospheric* levels.

Graphic courtesy of Warren James

Graphic courtesy of Warren James

Yesterday I informed you:

 We all know that JP Morgan has been the main “stopper” of December COMEX Gold contracts, which means they are on the long side taking delivery.   Well – guess who’s on the short side, issuing those delivery notices?   HSBC.   That’s right – do you know what HSBC stands for?  Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Let that sink in for a minute.  Do you know where Hong Kong and Shanghai are located?   That’s right: CHINA – and everyone knows that China is sick and tired of seeing their U.S. Dollars devalued by the criminal actions of the Federal Reserve and JP Morgan, which is, of course, why THEY ARE ALREADY ENACTING Sell Gold Crash JP Morgan !!!

But wait – there’s more.   Who else is on the short/issuer side of the December COMEX gold futures?  Bank of Nova Scotia.   And where is Nova Scotia?  Canada… and which precious metals visionary is in Canada?  That’s right: Precious Metals Patriot Eric Sprott.

I’m going to pause here for a moment as you imagine some seriously dramatic music.    I recommend “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana.

Did it hit you like a ton of bricks yet?   I cannot prove this, of course, but it certainly appears that Eric Sprott is working with the Chinese to sell gold and hasten the demise of JP Morgan.  Do you think you’re smarter than Eric Sprott and the Chinese?

But last night’s COMEX Delivery Report contains some EXPLOSIVE new hints as to who else is turning up the pressure on JP Morgan.  Here’s a snapshot of the Dec 10th delivery report:

COMEX deliveries 12/10/13

COMEX deliveries 12/10/13

What do you see?  That’s right: JP Morgan’s OWN CUSTOMERS are now issuing delivery notices, which JP Morgan’s house account is on the other side of.   THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS ARE TURNING ON THEM!  As everyone knows, the death knoll for a bank is when their own customers lose faith – what do you think brought down Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns?   Hint: it wasn’t bad real estate investments – it was their customers pulling their funds.   BUT WAIT. there’s more:

The other issuer of delivery notices was UBS.   UBS, of course, is the major Swiss bank…  Switzerland, of course, is the major refiner of gold that gets shipped to… yep – you guessed it – CHINA!   *cue the music*

The foundation of JP Morgan’s manipulative precious metals dominance is crumbling – that much is certain – the only question is:  will you stand for Freedom? Or will you stand with the Cartel and manipulative oppression of our liberties?

The choice is clear.  Sell Gold: Crash JP Morgan.

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Unfortunately, I have decided that General Max Keiser, who led the “Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan” campaign of 2010/11, and who should have been a natural choice to lead this new Metals Army, is not fit for the job.   Keiser clearly hates JP Morgan, a sentiment easily visible in just this one brief Twitter snapshot from yesterday:

Max Keiser Hates JP Morgan

Max Keiser Hates JP Morgan

Unfortunately, Max Keiser also sent the following tweet yesterday, which proves that he is not the kind of person I want to associate with, even for the Noble Cause of bringing down the House of Morgan:



So I will not have Max Keiser’s name sullying our noble Sell Gold – Crash JP Morgan campaign.    My phone calls to Eric Sprott, who appears to already be working with the Chinese to sell gold and crash JP Morgan, have thus far gone unanswered, but I am expecting him to sign on as the face of the campaign imminently.

ps – I apologize to my readers who are unfamiliar with Goldbug Charlatan Douchebaggery, and thus will be eminently confused by the sarcasm factor of this post and the one that preceded it.

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