Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Amazon’s New Kindle Fire HD (But Were Afraid To Ask)

I own the original Kindle Fire, but since I’m not an A-list tech blogger, I have not seen their new Kindle Fire HD offerings yet.   So I refer you to those who have:  here are 4 reviews from bigwigs in tech.  You should definitely click over for the full details, but I’ll give you a snippet of each:

1) Walter Mossberg at the WSJ

“Overall, I see the 7-inch Fire HD as a good value for those primarily interested in easily tapping Amazon’s large collection of content.”

2) David Pogue at the NY Times

“But the Kindle Fire HD models are attractive, confident viewers of movies, TV shows, Web pages and books. They tap into Amazon’s increasingly appealing online world of entertainment and information stores. And above all, they make the Kindle Fire’s industry-leading features-per-dollar ratio even more top-heavy.

But “the best tablet at any price?” Hmmm. Somebody should put a call in to the Seattle water inspectors.”

3) Om Malik at GigaOm

“Admittedly, I am biased towards iPad, having used it from the time it went on sale. I am used to its gestures. I know how to get the most out of it. It is perhaps one of the biggest challenges I have when using non-iPad devices. However, my three-day hands-on experience is enough to say that despite the shortcomings, Amazon has become an option.

If you are tied to the Amazon ecosystem — you know you buy books, movies and music from them — then this is a device that should find an easy room in your bag, especially if your other option was buying a standalone Kindle. And if you are one of those who has never owned a tablet and are on a tight budget, then Kindle Fire is worth a consideration — well, unless Apple announces a similar 7-inch device. I know what I would buy.”

4) Joshua Topolsky at The Verge

“But there’s a second tablet in the review as well. One that gets compared to the iPad and Nexus 7. One that I expect to do more than just show me movies or help me shop. One that should be a companion for all kinds of things I want to do, that doesn’t feel limited, that doesn’t respond to my touches slowly, that doesn’t make me wait.

As that device, the Fire HD still has a long way to go. I think it can get there, but it isn’t there yet.”


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Thanks to AbnormalReturns for the heads up on these reviews.


disclosure: no positions in $AMZN, long 1 original Kindle Fire

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