Eric Sprott Sells the Balance of His PSLV Shares (For His For-Profit Funds)

Eric Sprott’s latest 13d filing in $PSLV shows that the funds he manages (for investors, for profit, that is) have sold every last share of $PSLV that they own, taking full advantage of the roughly 20% premium to Net Asset Value that the closed end fund carries.  Sprott has now begun selling the $PSLV shares held by his charitable Sprott Foundation.  Although Mr. Sprott’s charitable foundation may not come with the same fiduciary duty that his hedge funds do, I wouldn’t expect him to leave free money on the table – I see no reason why Sprott wouldn’t continue to liquidate these remaining Foundation shares as well – reinvesting the proceeds into silver instruments that don’t trade at a 20% premium.

In total, Sprott’s 13d filings over the last 5 months account for the sale of 9,834,400* shares of $PSLV by funds managed by Eric Sprott (excluding the Sprott Foundation shares below), at an average price of $19.36 and an approximate average premium to NAV of 20.33%.   By selling the shares at a hefty premium and reinvesting the proceeds into other silver instruments, Sprott “arbitraged” $38.8 MM in profit.


Shares Sold by Entities Managed Either by Sprott Asset Management L.P. or Eric S. Sprott


Date of
Number of Units
Price per Unit


Shares Sold by the Sprott Foundation


Date of
Number of Units
Price per Unit


That’s a total of 1,546,812 shares sold in this latest reporting period, and leaves 3,809,315 shares held by the Sprott Foundation.

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disclosure: no positions in $PSLV or $SLV

* as I noted in one of the earlier posts, there are 154,900 shares “missing” and unaccounted for.


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