Don’t Hate the Game, Hate the Player: Brazil’s Fred

I’ve written one previous post about how much I hate diving in the game of soccer.   What I wrote was this:

“Soccer’s governing bodies need to crack down on this crap.

I love soccer.   I coach soccer, I play soccer year round, I watch soccer.

I think diving douchebags like Cazorla are the primary reason that soccer isn’t bigger in the United States.

Now when Brazil’s Fred does the same thing on the global stage of the opening game of the World Cup playing for the host country, he brings shame upon himself, his country, and the game we love.   The game was tied 1-1 in the 70th minute.     Here’s a GIF file of the ridiculous dive, from



I don’t want to argue about this.  It’s not a penalty.  Stop.  It’s a dive, and it’s the reason soccer isn’t more popular in America.

Brazil’s Coach, Luiz Felipe Scolari noted:

“Millions didn’t see the penalty? The referee did and he said it was a penalty and they are the ones that must decide. We also think it was a penalty. I have seen it 10 times and I think it is a penalty.”

BULL SHIT, Scolari – BULLSHIT.  If that foul was called against Brazil you would be up in arms going ballistic.   Don’t be a hypocrite – everyone knows it was a terrible call.   If you want, blame the referee for being conned by your player’s shameful actions, but don’t defend Fred’s simulation.

When the official blew the whistle and was pointing at a player, I actually initially thought that he was going to card Fred for simulation.  No such luck.

FIFA has a reputation for being a corrupt organization and this event will do nothing to help un-tarnish that reputation.   Brazil got the benefit of a terrible call, and while the referee is certainly responsible, I think that FIFA needs to take the players to task if it wants to clean up the game.

As ESPN commentator Ian Darke said about the “penalty” call at the time:  “Never in a million years.”

Shame on you, Fred.

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ps – I am somewhat curious if I get a lot of hate-flame on this post from rabid Brazilian fans….


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