Don’t Be An Idiot – Beer Edition

It’s been a few years since I ranted about the absurd “victim mindset” that I believe has a detrimental effect on any society that adopts it and allows it to persist.   Last week’s moronic “San Diego Man Sues Miller Coors Over False Advertising of Blue Moon” story got me fired up, though.

Cliff notes:

– MillerCoors, the mega-brew conglomerate, owns Blue Moon, which is marketed as “artfully crafted.” (which, the suit alleges, misleads consumers)

– MillerCoors’s website prominently displays references to Blue Moon, while Blue Moon’s website is devoid of any reference to MillerCoors.

– Craft brews are often sold at a higher price than mass-produced beers – $2 or $3 more per six-pack, according to the lawsuit.

– Blue Moon Brewing Company – a small facility located inside Coors Field, does not actually brew the Blue Moon sold in stores.

Now here’s the thing:  I can sympathize with a false advertising claim when one is complaining that Blue Moon is not actually brewed by Blue Moon Brewing Company – but it shouldn’t really matter.  Why not?  Well here’s the key point from the complaint:


Now THAT is utter and complete horseshit.   If you want to complain that you were duped into buying your first 6-pack of Blue Moon, and you want a refund: ok – I don’t love your complaint, but I can sympathize with it.   After that, you’re on your own.  See: you drank the Blue Moon.   Either you liked it –  and decided it was worth $7.99 to buy another 6-pack –  or you didn’t.   Full Stop.   Since you’re a “beer aficionado,” you are clearly capable of evaluating the quality of a beer, or a given beer’s appeal to your delicate palate.   Even if you’re not a “beer aficionado,” you either like the beer or you don’t.      If you’re purchasing Blue Moon because of its advertising and not because of its taste, well, you’re an idiot (yes, we’ll ignore for a minute that it’s fairly easy to argue that the mega-brew industry’s advertising is the core of its business of getting people to drink mass produced, flavorless beers! Ok, let’s not ignore it, let’s get right to it in the next paragraph).

Can I sue Budweiser on the grounds that their dalmatian puppies in the commercial are just too friggin’ cute, and I couldn’t resist drinking their craptastic beer that has absolutely nothing to do with dalmatian puppies (or Clydesdales for that matter)?  Of course not: the theme that I’m trying to get at – one that I’ve hit on across a wide variety of topics on this blog previously – is the one of personal responsibility.  We are responsible for our actions.   When we try to blame others for our own ignorance, it merely ensures that such ignorance will persist.

The only thing that bothers me about MillerCoors’ treatment of Blue Moon is that they have a Blue Moon Brewery that doesn’t actually brew the Blue Moon sold in stores.  That’s deceptive, but it doesn’t change the fact that if you don’t like Blue Moon, you don’t have to keep buying it!   I could go on, but I don’t really know how to put it any simpler:  if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

Regular readers know that I happen to brew my own beer.  I will occasionally buy beer in the store, and the beer I buy is usually smaller production, “craft brew” stuff.   You’re not gonna believe this, but if I buy a beer and I don’t end up enjoying it, I won’t buy it again. /sarcasm

Free advice: drink a beer because you enjoy drinking it.  Seems obvious, right?


Ignorant Consumers

Parent vs Miller Coors Suit



ps: I believe that it is possible for a mega-brew conglomerate to “Artfully Craft” a beer…

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