Did You Put In For the Facebook IPO?

Did you put in for shares of the $FB IPO?

If you’d like, please share the following:

1) your broker

2) how many shares you asked for

3) how many shares you received.

4) if you like, the “level” of client you think you are at your brokerage

For example, I put in for an allocation via Etrade.   I got 100 shares out of 10,000 that I asked for – and no, as @FelixSalmon asked me,  I didn’t really want 10,000 shares.  I was actually worried that given that they upped the price of the deal, and then upped the size of the deal, that I might get plugged with more shares of a crappy deal that wouldn’t trade well.   Although I think I am a top-tier client for Etrade, I certainly wouldn’t qualify as a top tier client at Merrill or Morgan.   Etrade is not a top tier brokerage in terms of allocations – from what I understand.   In other words, when the clients at the bottom tier retail brokerages get big allocations, the term you should be thinking about is : ADVERSE SELECTION.    You get big allocations of the bad deals, and poor allocations of the good ones.

Please share your Facebook allocations in the comments, if you like.   And feel free to do so anonymously.


disclosure:  long onnnnne hundred shares of $FB



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