Did JP Morgan Bring Down Eastman Kodak In A Desperate Attempt To Plunder Silver?

Holy crap –  it all makes sense now!  Blythe and the Cartel intentionally killed off Eastman Kodak to hoard whatever little remaining silver was in the factory from the bygone print photography days! 1

I realize that some of my readers may not be familiar with the insanity of the Silverbug blogs, but Brian O’Flanagan did such a good job channeling his inner lunatic in a comment on yesterday’s post that I decided to put forth his satire here, as an example of the kind of theories you’ll find all over the internet if you read the Silverbug blogs regularly.  If you’re familiar with this line of thinking, you’ll probably get a good laugh from this.  If not, you’ll be confused, wondering how anyone in their right mind could possibly believe such lunacy.      Without further ado:

“you couldn’t be more wrong there Mr. Dynamite.  As intimated by Mr. Butler in the quote you used in yesterday’s post – this is all a conspiracy.  Blythe and all the other Cartel members of the EE {Evil Empire} knew that Sprott was getting ready to order a large amount of physical and that given that there is no physical silver left anywhere in the world, such order would collapse their nefarious paper silver shorting game.  There was no way they could allow that to happen.

What I heard from an inside source was that the Queen Manipulator issued an executive order to all her minions to grab all the silver they could find: junk coins, Morgan silver dollars, silverware, sterling earrings, x-ray film – any silver they could find to have them melted in 1,000oz bars by a refiner controlled by the Cartel.  However, they still couldn’t find enough silver.  Blythe then rolled out Emergency Plan B to save her evil manipulation scheme.  There was one secret source of just enough silver to fill Sprott’s order.  A hoard of silver used in film development held by a certain film and camera producer in Rochester.  Blythe, along with Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke held an emergency meeting on January 17th to discuss the situation in the War Room and a decision was made.  The company was ordered to give up its silver in the national interest, to save the Cartel.  Stripped of their last remaining asset, that company declared bankruptcy today.

See, there really is no silver left and the Cartel has nothing left to defend their scheme.  Just one more silver Eagle and the whole thing will collapse and silver will reach $10,000/oz.  Just one more ounce…. “

Well done, Brian, well done.


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disclosure: long $PSLV vs short $SLV pairs trade.  I’m also long $SLV unrelated – net long silver.

1: This post is pure satire.  I do not believe for one moment that JP Morgan bankrupted Eastman Kodak in an attempt to round up physical silver.


postscript: the Ted Butler comment that Brian refers to is this:

“The important takeaway is that a decent size chunk of physical silver will be taken off the market. It’s an open speculation as to what impact this will have on the price of silver, both short and long term. My guess is that while it certainly can’t be considered negative in any way, there are obvious forces that would prefer to make it look like it has no effect. These forces will do what they can to mute the impact of a fairly large physical purchase. Unfortunately, these commercial crooks may have built up some physical reserves over the past six months or so and may be able to accommodate Sprott’s physical purchase without too much difficulty. A couple or a few more similar-sized purchases would have a big price impact, in my opinion.”

“I hope I’m wrong, but my sense is that Sprott is likely to get fairly quick delivery of whatever silver it purchases so as to avoid a repeat of the delivery delays that occurred the last time they purchased a chunk of silver. Eric Sprott has become an outspoken advocate of silver and antagonist against the silver manipulation…and I doubt the suppliers will risk delivery delays to his fund and give him the opportunity to point to tightness. I think that tightness is there, just that the sellers will be able to hide it a bit longer.”

my comment on that, in my own thread, was as follows (and remember, Ted Butler is actually, believe it or not, a major voice in the silverbug community!!!)   Also, for those who still don’t understand why it took “so long” for PSLV’s initial delivery of their IPO silver, read this (hint: it was arranged to take a long time!):

“So he’s alleging that the “commercial crooks” who the Silverbugs have said for years are merely paper manipulators have been amassing a physical silver reserve (As the price DECLINED, no less – over the last six months – their accumulation of physical silver coincides with a big price decline!) just to deliver to Sprott – who the same Silverbugs have emphasized does not deal with these crooks, but rather deals directly with the mines.

Its not even possible to rationalize the nonsense anymore… but that won’t stop them. “

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