Dear Steve Wynn

Dear Steve Wynn,

You should know that I’m a huge fan of yours.   Your candid quarterly earnings calls are conducted with such clarity and detail that they should be mandatory listening for every analyst or student of the gaming and hospitality industry.   The details that you know about your casinos (caisson depth!) are remarkable, and I’m sure Shelly Adelson neither knows nor cares about the depths of his probably-inferior caissons.

I felt the need to tell you, however, about a problem I encountered at your  flagship Wynn Las Vegas resort this past weekend.   In the bathroom by the Red 8 restaurant on the casino floor (you know, the entrance near the shops), the automatic water faucet on the sinks needs to be adjusted.   I’m guessing that you actually know how many seconds these faucets come on for, right?   There cannot possibly be another CEO in the world who knows the timing of his automatic sensor faucets, but I’m sure that you do, Mr. Wynn – am I right?

I can only assume that there is a reason you chose to set if for a mere 6 seconds.   It probably saves $WYNN (no positions) hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to give each customer 6 seconds of water instead of the 11 seconds that Sheldon Adelson gives me at the bathroom by the sports book in the Venetian ($LVS – no positions)…  But 6 seconds just isn’t enough, Mr. Wynn.   I’m not asking you to go all the way up to Adelson’s 11 seconds (although your balance sheet is much stronger than his), or to the McCarran Airport’s seemingly unlimited water flow, but could you help a brother out and bump them up to at least 8 seconds?

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

your fan,

Kid Dynamite

ps – On another note, your Pai Gow Poker table was especially soft on Monday afternoon – thank you for that as well.

pps – I saw Hardwell at Hakkasan on Saturday night, and as usual, you’re right: they’re almost certainly overpaying for DJ services…

full disclosure: no positions in any stocks mentioned.  And yes: I actually counted the seconds of automatic-sensor dispensing at Wynn and Venetian (and McCarran)…

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