Data Shows PSLV Over-Allotment Option Exercised

I wonder when we’ll see a press release from the Sprott Physical Silver Trust ($PSLV) on this – the over-allotment option (aka: Shoe) has been exercised, which is no surprise – it’s free money for the underwriters, who buy shares at a 4% discount to the offering price.   We can tell that the over-allotment option has been exercised by looking at the data from the $PSLV web page, in the same manner that we did in the previous post.

Post secondary, pre Shoe:

Post Shoe:

Look at the shares outstanding, ounces held, and cash from yesterday and from today (which as you can see is really last night’s data) (just like we did yesterday), and you can see that the Shoe was exercised – the shares outstanding increased by the amount of the Shoe: 3.45 MM.   We can repeat the process outlined in yesterday’s post and calculate the price that the 1,300,000 ounces of silver to back these new shares was purchased at.  I come out with $30.70, implying that it was done yesterday.

Now, it sucks that the Trust had to pay more for the Shoe silver than for the Secondary silver, but if you work out the math, you’ll find that it was still accretive to NAV (by a sum total of TWO cents!) due to the fact that even when you include the underwriting fee, the shares were sold above NAV.


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disclosure: long $PSLV vs short $SLV pairs trade.  I’m also long $SLV unrelated – net long silver.


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