CSI: New Hampshire Woods

I’m sick of writing about Goldman Sachs – I have bigger issues to deal with – like finding out what varmint is nibbling on my new apple trees!
I planted two beautiful apple trees and one peach tree last week, and laboriously carried buckets of water to them to nuture them.  I was away for the weekend, and came back to find that someone appears to have eaten off several of the buds.  
Now, here are the facts:  1) several of the buds/branches are cleanly snipped  but 2) there are plenty of buds/branches left – why didn’t they all get eaten?  3) I found a deer hoof footprint in the mud around one of the trees today, but 4) I also found what appears to be bird crap on one of the branches…
So is it a bird, or a deer?  or something else?  I’m guessing deer.  I also found some mysterious poop on another part of my property today, about 100 yards from the apple trees.  It looks like the kind of dump Oscar would take, but I’m 90% sure it’s not him.  There were two little piles a foot apart, and the poop looked to be several days old.  Hmmm…  fox?  coyote?  porcupine?
Then there’s another foe I’m declaring war on:  dandelions!  I have a beautiful lawn, and there are some dandelions starting to sprout up in it.  “Kid Dynamite, use the anti-weed fertilizer,” you say.  But wait – I can’t do that – my lawn has a lot of “bent grass” in it, and you can’t really use any of the weed-inhibiting fertilizer on bent grass.  I put down Scott’s Turfbuilder last week, and I guess the dandelions loved it, because I started seeing them a few days later.   I started digging out the dandelions with a trowel yesterday, but quickly stopped because i was trading the offending weeds for sizable holes in my lawn, which wasn’t really helping.
Today, I went to Lowes and bought the dandelion-remover, which looks like a narrow-forked BBQ fork.  This is my life.

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