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I’ll be on the road for the next 24 hours or so, but I wanted to point readers to posts they may have missed in the past few weeks.  If you didn’t enjoy these last several weeks of posts here on Kid Dynamite’s World, well, I give up – I literally cannot do any better.  I addressed ETFs, the Fucksaw, a principal protected arbitrage, puking dogs, and AIG’s analogous behavior.  I gave you stuff that should make you laugh,  stuff that should make you think, and hopefully stuff that made you say “Ah HAH! Now I get it!”

In order of importance:

If you only read one article here, make sure it’s:

On Misinterpreting PSLV’s Premium to NAV – where I give a simple and detailed explanation of the mechanics of PSLV vs SLV.

Follow that one up with: PSLV – Sprott Registers to Sell – Sold to You, Sucka

Highly related is the important “learning process” post: “What American Idol Taught Me About Confirmation Bias.”  If you read any silver blogs on the ‘web and you don’t have light bulbs (or maybe alarm bells?) going off in your head after reading this post, well, read it again.

For humor in real life, check out Live College Sex Show, and for a different kind of humor in real life: AIG – “Like a Dog Eating Its Own Vomit.”

Maybe no one else laughed at my story about Mr. Griffey puking in bed, but I did: “The Pete Rose Slide and Dogs Puking in Bed.”

Finally, there’s the Nickel Arb – guaranteed not to lose money!   But the clock is ticking

There were other posts in between as well – you can find them on the blog’s main page.


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