Bring On Your Best Country Group Acronyms (DOUCHEBAGS)

We’ve heard of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain), and now the MAVINS (I kid you not: Mexico, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa). I’ll leave it to the readers to suggest some new acronyms for groups of countries we can target for investment.

I’ll start: how about the DOUCHEBAGS: Djibouti, Oman, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador,  Bahrain, Algeria, Gambia and Sudan.  Obviously, the DOUCHEBAGS are developing markets countries, focused in the African and South American continents.  And for the record – no – I probably couldn’t find more than 2 of the DOUCHEBAGS nations on a map.

Have at it.


ps – I have nothing against the people of Djibouti, Oman, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Ecuador, Bahrain, Algeria, Gambia and Sudan, and in no way mean to insinuate that they are all d-bags – it’s just a handy acronym to get people psyched to invest in your countries. Trust me – it’s for the best.

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