Brewing Byproducts: Chicken Feed and Dog Biscuits

Reader Yukon recommended a great book on homebrewing from the Brooklyn Brew shop:


I highly recommend this book, as it avoids the kind of intimidating instructions like “you have to keep the mash at 153.38975 degree for 71.5 minutes, then vorlauf with a spfitzter screen for 15 more minutes at 168.3 degrees”  that just make me want to walk away.  Instead, Brooklyn Brewshop’s book simplifies things with enticing recipes.  In the back of the book, after their 52 beer recipes, I noticed a recipe for dog biscuits, made out of the spent grain in the mashing process.

When you’re done making beer, if you used grain (as opposed to just malt extract), you have “spent grain” leftover.   One thing I did with it was feed it to my chickens, who went apeshit over it.  The other was to make cookies for Oscar & Mr. Griffey, who also went apeshit over them.  Recipe is as follows:

2C spent grain

1C peanut butter

1C flour

1/2C canned pumpkin

1 egg


mix it all together, form it into little balls, flatten them a bit, or create whatever shape you like, then bake:  350 degrees for 30 minutes, and 225 degrees for several hours more until they dry out.  The book says 8 hours.  I did about 6.  The key is to dry out the biscuits so that they don’t mold.  Alternatively, store them in the fridge.

Your dogs will thank you.


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