My wife got me a trail-cam about 6 months ago, and after the initial excitement it’s been kinda slow going on the cam. There were several deer at first, as well as a great prank by two of my neighbors who came out during a snowstorm: one was wearing a fur coat and crawling on the ground, while the other pretended to be hunting her with a gun.

This spring, we captured video of two porcupines eating our willow tree, and some unexciting racoons.

After moving the cam again last week, I decided to check it today and had a HOLY SHIT moment when I saw this:

Out neighbor just told us that a bobcat snatched a handful of his Guinea hens during the day, and I think this is that bobcat.

He appears to be in a half-relaxed stalking/strolling mode, perhaps going to see if he can make a meal of my chickens, which are 15 yards in the direction that he’s going. Fortunately, my expertly-constructed chicken run is secure. At least empirical evidence suggests so: Bob Cat didn’t get any of my chickens…


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